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1-001 Recorded Webinar
Assessment and Curriculum Design Conversation
Running time: 75 minutes
Many teachers are reporting finding the documentation load associated with assessment and curriculum design onerous and sometimes relatively meaningless. The last thing busy teachers need is to be occupied by tasks that do not contribute to quality teaching and learning.

This webinar is an opportunity to listen in on a conversation between three experienced and knowledgeable ECE leaders as they discuss some of the curly issues associated with assessment and curriculum.

Angela Bush, Bridgit Williams and Barbara Watson will be drawing on their experience in the sector to discuss and debate:
  • How well current methods of documentation capture teaching and learning?
  • Whether there might be alternative methods that would meet the needs of teachers, children and whānau better.
  • What supports teacher’s ability to record meaningful documentation.
  • Common misunderstandings about documentation and therefore why it has become a challenge for so many. 

Presented By

Barbara Watson 
PhD; MEdAdmin; BEd (ECE); Dip.Tchg (Primary)
Bridgit Williams 
MProfStud(Ed); BA (Ed); DipTchgECE; PGDip Montessori
Angela Bush
Bachelor of Education (ECE), Diploma of Nursing, Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
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