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Leadership Clinic

A series of interactive leadership conversations, led by Barbara Watson and Bridgit Williams.

Each session will have a leadership focus that will be illustrated by way of relatable scenarios. Participants will discuss the problems, issues and dilemmas in these scenarios and draw on leadership theory and experience to develop a range of appropriate responses to each situation.

The intention is to present everyday leadership situations and collectively problem-solve potential and implementable solutions.

Stay on top of Health and Safety in your ECE Service

Enrol your team in our Health and Safety in NZ ECE training and feel confident in your team's ability to uphold the licensing criteria and consistently keep a safe and healthy environment for everyone.
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Access Monthly Health and Safety
Training Sessions for your team

FREE Short online training sessions designed to help keep your team up to date
and capable in key Health and Safety criteria. 

Stay compliant.        Be confident in your team's capability.

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These training sessions are FREE when you register your team for our Health and Safety in NZ ECE course

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