"Ten tips for effectively leading learning with your ECE teachers"

  • Do you ever feel frustrated that your ECE teachers are just not meeting your expectations?
  • Do you have teachers in your team whose performance could be so much better?

If you are in a position of leadership in ECE, one of your primary objectives must be to lead the learning of your teachers. Because your teachers are the ones who spend the most time with children. What they say, what they do, how they go about their teaching and interacting with children and families every day is the core work. It’s the sole reason you all have jobs! 

But what does it mean to lead the learning of teachers?
And how do you do this?

This podcast is one of our new lunch time bites, where you can quickly listen during a break or on a walk to soak up some great advice for you as a teacher or leader in early childhood education.

In this lunch bite episode of only 12 minutes, I give you 10 tips for how to lead the learning of your teachers so that your team is performing at their best and being nothing less than AMAZING teachers!

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