“Developing Sustainable Practices In ECE And Using Washable Nappies"

If you have a passion for helping to save our planet, or want to know about introducing washable nappies into your ECE service then you MUST listen to this podcast! 
Introducing Kate Meads - New Zealand’s very own waste free warrior. Kate is so easy to listen to, and she leaves a fire in your belly to go out and make changes today!! 

Did You Know…
60% Of ECE Waste Is Disposable Nappies!

Some thoughts from Kate for ECE services. 

What is your service doing to reduce waste? Take a look at your waste and make a commitment as a team to reduce and reuse, and then as a last resort to recycle.
Do you have a strategy for educating parents and whanau about reducing waste? Develop a policy in your service to reduce waste. Including reducing and managing food waste.
If you have infants and toddlers attending, consider changing to providing washable nappies. Do ONE THING A DAY to make a difference - educate yourself, and make better choices in the first place.
In this podcast we cover:
  • Biodegradeable and compostable nappies and other products - are they any good?
  • What is happening with recycling in New Zealand?
  • Are our recycle-ables actually being recycled?
  • What can you do as an ECE service to be more sustainable?
  • How to introduce washable nappies into your ECE service.

    If you are interested in learning more, or getting in touch with Kate you can find her at www.katemeads.co.nz

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