Health & Safety 

Specific ECE H&S Training for you and your team 

We are on a mission at Enspirement Learning to help
make early learning environments healthy and safe for everyone!

There’s no room to muck around when it comes to Health and Safety for children.

Children and families are relying on us to keep them safe every day.

If you are leading or managing an early childhood service you want to be confident that your team understands what is required of them, what the rules are and how to uphold expected standards.

Look no further...

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Enspirement Learning has online Health and Safety training that will give you peace of mind that you have got it covered.

Now all of your team can access a short, self-paced course suitable for anyone working in early childhood services.

Watch to learn more.

Covering the essentials in the New Zealand H&S licensing criteria, your team will learn;

  • Safe and healthy environments - what are our obligations?
  • Dealing with emergencies.
  • Safe sleep in ECE.
  • Food and drink compliance.
  • How to keep yourself safe.
  • Outdoor safety and compliance.
  • Managing accidents and incidents.
  • H&S Specifics for infants
  • How to administer medication (including Epi-pens, Ventolin for asthma, oral medication for children and infants).
  • Managing illness and exclusion - responding to high temperatures, what to do when children become unwell.

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