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Who is this for?
Early years leaders aiming to develop their leadership capability.
Leadership Clinic Part 1:
What does it take to be an effective leader?
Duration: Approx 45 min
This webinar is the first in a series of interactive leadership conversations, led by Barbara Watson and Bridgit Williams. Each recording will have a leadership focus that will be illustrated by way of relatable scenarios. You will see discussions on problems, issues and dilemmas in these scenarios and draw on leadership theory and experience to develop a range of appropriate responses to each situation.

The intention is to present everyday leadership situations and collectively problem-solve potential and implementable solutions. 

The series will be structured around the following topics: 
  1. What does it take to be an effective leader? 
  2. Setting and maintaining clear expectations 
  3. Coaching effective practice in others 
  4. Managing poor performance 
  5. Having difficult conversations
  6. Understanding and working through power dynamics

In this first webinar Barbara and Bridgit have begin to unpack and explore what it means to be an effective leader and the impact this can have on the success of your early childhood service.
Facilitated by Barbara Watson of Inspired ECE
PhD; MEdAdmin; BEd (ECE); Dip.Tchg (Primary)
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Also facilitated by Bridgit Williams
MProfStud(Ed); BA (Ed); DipTchgECE; PGDip Montessori
NZ $35.00 
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