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2-010 Course
Successful Internal Evaluation
learning time
This self-paced course is approximately 9 hours of learning time.
Who is this for?
Early years teachers and leaders looking to develop skills for conducting effective internal evaluation processes.
skill level
This course is suitable for intermediate to experienced ECE teachers and leaders.
This in depth online course is designed to support effective internal evaluation of practice using Te Ara Poutama as a key frame of reference. Following an introduction and overview of internal evaluation in module one, the remainder of the course steps participants through each phase of an internal evaluation cycle in turn.

You will gain understanding of and confidence in implementing effective evaluation of practice that meets the expectations of external evaluators (ERO). A template for documenting your evaluation is also provided.

You will gain the best value from this course if you undertake an internal evaluation in your ECE service in conjunction with progressing through the modules. This approach would result in a completed internal evaluation by the end of the programme.
This course is for you if;

  • You want a clear framework for internal evaluation (including a template for documenting the process).
  • You want to know how to use Te Ara Poutama within internal evaluation.
  • You want to learn how to structure data informed, evidence based decision-making.
  • You want to build your confidence that you are meeting ERO’s expectations for effective evaluation.

Facilitated by Barbara Watson
InspirED ECE
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About the Author 

Barbara Watson

The team at ECE Learning Unlimited and InspirED ECE have a combined experience in ECE of over thirty years. We are mentors ourselves and we know how it feels to mentor others. We have a long background in teaching, ECE center ownership and management, lecturing, mentoring and professional learning guidance and support.
Barbara's whole Phd focus was on mentoring and she has now spent many years teaching others how to be a successful mentor. She has mentored and guided hundreds of mentor teachers, so she understands the challenges and complexities of mentoring in ECE. And she is ready to answer your questions and help you to reach your potential as a mentor.

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