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Learning Group 
Provisional Teacher Certification & Mentors Learning Groups
Commencing: February 2023
Duration: 7 live Zoom group sessions of approximately 90 minutes each
Provisionally certificated teachers in New Zealand are required to participate in an "Induction and Mentoring" programme in order to achieve full certification. For many ECE services, mentoring of PCT's is a heavy load, despite the best intentions and desires to support their teachers.

We know that being a provisionally certificated teacher or a mentor of PCT's requires dedication, a sound understanding of the process, and time. Plenty of time! We also know that having the support and guidance throughout this process can make a world of difference. That is why we have created this programme - to support both PCT's and their mentors to navigate through induction and mentoring successfully together.

This is an online programme intended to complement an organisation’s induction and mentoring programme. It will provide some of the professional learning, professional discussions and networking opportunities expected in an induction and mentoring programme within a group context.

Provisionally certificated teachers will be expected to attend all sessions and to be actively engaged in their professional growth and development between sessions. PCT's will need to have a designated mentor responsible for supporting day-to-day teaching practice in their centre. 
Facilitated by Barbara Watson from InspirED ECE
PhD; MEdAdmin; BEd (ECE); Dip.Tchg (Primary)

Barbara is a qualified early childhood and primary teacher and has owned and managed early childhood centres. Having worked as part of the EC Professional Support team at the Faculty of Education for 7 years, she has strong links with The University of Auckland.

While in this role Barbara facilitated a variety of workshops and programmes for a wide range of ECE services and also lectured on a number of ECE papers.Barbara has a passion for supporting teachers to make effective links between theory and practice. Her Masters thesis focused on leadership and adult education and her PhD investigated how induction and mentoring programmes are enacted in education and care services. Barbara works with centre leaders as a mentor, coach and external appraiser.
NZ $179

  • You are a provisionally certificated teacher in an ECE setting in New Zealand OR you are a mentor of a PCT wanting to ensure you are guiding your PCT to the best of your ability.

  • You are looking to join a collaborative and supportive group of like minded teachers so that you can continue to learn and grow.

  • You are a PCT working through your provisional certification process looking for guidance on how to achieve this successfully.

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