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Understanding your obligations when onboarding new staff
Running time: Approx 45 minutes
There is so much to know and understand when recruiting and onboarding new staff in early childhood services. As managers and leaders in this sector we often find ourselves in this role with little understanding of how to be effective in human resource management. We wear so many hats all of the time, that we simply do the best we can, with what we know.
But in 2022 we can no longer simply fly by the seat of our pants. It is important that we have a good understanding of our obligations when onboarding new staff and have well developed systems and processes for this.

That's why we are bringing you an expert in human resources, Ainsley Palairet from Fix HR.

In this webinar Ainsley will;
  • Share the principles of successful onboarding.
  • Explain why having a thorough onboarding process is important.
  • Unpack the legal stuff and help you to understand your employment obligations.
  • Share some tips and tricks for creating a sound onboarding process for new staff.
Presented By Ainsley Palairet
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Ainsley Palairet

Having met with over 3000 business owners since moving back to New Zealand 10 years ago, I am convinced and committed to the following three things:
HR is an area best outsourced for most organisations in NZ.
Preventing HR problems is one of the most worthwhile endeavours a business can invest in.
I can create an HR outsource that is thorough, refreshingly personal and useful, for a price any viable business/organisation can afford.
It is my delight to provide such a service!
Outside FixHR I am an active church member at The Upper Room in Newmarket, and I am mum to three adults (including one lovely son-in-law). My cherished husband knows I’m almost always up for sharing a meal and/or a movie with friends and family, and I have become the person who doesn’t miss an episode of certain entertaining Australian reality TV shows.
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