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1-053 Recorded Webinar
Managing staff conflict
Running time: 50 minutes
Conflict is an inevitable and a natural part in growing, learning and changing.

In this webinar, Colin will explain:
  • The difference between ‘constructive’ conflict and ‘destructive’ conflict.
  • The common causes of conflict in ECE settings.
  • How to anticipate conflict and keep it in the constructive zone.
  • How to help staff to work out their differences with each other.

Presented By Colin Slattery
Semann and Slattery

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Colin Slattery

From Semann and Slattery

Colin Slattery is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. With qualifications in health science, statistics, psychology, to name but a few, he brings a measured and thoughtful approach to his work. Having spent a large part of his early career in the disability sector, Colin understands change and transformation at an individual and organisational level. He is committed to working with a solid evidence-based and systematic approach to solving solutions that consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for clients.
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