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Let's get sorted for science: How to create a science-rich learning environment
Live Date: 7th June 2023
Running time: Approx 45 minutes
  • How do you set up a learning space that inspires the inner scientist of every young child?
  • How do you create an environment that allows for multi-sensory play, exploration, experimentation and creativity?
  • What is the role of an educator when delivering hands-on science experiences?

Join Rachel Rohloff in this webinar to learn about practical ways to create an inspiring learning space for children to engage in science, with a focus on the Living World (plants, animals
& people). She will share ideas about how to organise equipment, set up displays, introduce scientific vocabulary and discuss the importance of incorporating play into every science activity.

Rachel firmly believes that creating an exciting and tactile, science-rich learning space, is key to inspiring every child, igniting a sense of scientific curiosity, environmental responsibility and love for all things living.
Presented by Rachel Rohloff
NZ $35
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About Rachel Rohloff

Rachel began her career in education as a primary school teacher in New Zealand. Later she moved to the UK where she spent a decade teaching science and design technology. Back in New Zealand, Rachel co-founded a not-for-profit company - The TestPod, creating science experiences for school pupils and university students as well as public events showcasing
latest innovations.

Currently Rachel works with corporate clients, creating school programmes to support NZ education.

She is an author of The Living World and has two new books being released later this year - The Material World, and Clever Cooks - An Introduction to Food Science.
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