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1-014 Recorded Webinar
Getting your ducks in a row
Running time: Approx 75 min
Teachers and leaders in ECE - we all know the importance of staying current in our practice. We all know that we need to keep engaging in ongoing professional learning to keep growing as professionals. Our children deserve nothing less. This is also a requirement for our teacher certification.


  • How and when does this happen in an ever changing, busy world?
  • How can we motivate our teams to stay current?
  • How can we fit this into our busy days without leaching into personal time?
  • How does ongoing professional learning contribute to attracting and retaining staff?
  • How can we ensure our teachers are getting results from their professional learning?
  • And how can we get the most out of our professional learning budget?
  • Join Barbara Watson, Bridgit Williams and Angela Bush as we discuss the challenges and potential solutions for supporting teachers in their professional learning without blowing the budget.

In this webinar you will learn;

  1. Tips and strategies for ensuring your teachers are making the most of their professional learning opportunities.
  2. Suggestions for how you can make the most of your professional learning budget.
  3. How to engage your whole team in professional learning that leads to improved outcomes for children.
Presented by Bridgit Williams, Barbara Watson and Angela Bush

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