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1-002 Recorded Webinar
Beyond Activities: Deeper understandings of children's interests
Running time: 60 minutes
In professor Helen Hedges' newest publication she explores children's interests, inquiries and identities. 
“Children’s interests” is a term included in both Te Whāriki and the Early Years Learning Framework as an important source of curriculum – and indeed in most early childhood curricular policy documents internationally.
Longstanding understandings of this term come from developmental theories and child-centred philosophies that have dominated early childhood education and risk trivialising children’s interests.

This webinar provokes deeper, contemporary understandings of children’s interests.
These understandings have purpose, content and meaning of importance to children. Children represent these interests through the play activities and experiences on offer to them – assuming the resources and equipment allow them to do so.

In this webinar Helen illustrates examples of real children from her research programme whose interests and inquiries will resonate with teachers.
She also explains the place of teacher interests in curriculum and how these add richness and substance to curriculum and pedagogy.
Presented by Professor Helen Hedges (PhD)
University of Auckland
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Children's Interests, Inquiries and Identities

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Professor Helen Hedges (PhD)

Auckland University 

Helen Hedges is a professor of early childhood education at the University of Auckland. Her research programme has centred on ways curriculum is co-constructed by teachers and children from their interests and knowledge.
A book bringing together her research, called “Children’s interests, inquiries and identities: Curriculum, pedagogy, learning and outcomes in the early years” was published this year by Routledge, UK.
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